Bitcoffeen - A modern marketing system based on blockchain technologies.


Is a registered trademark which allows shoppers to receive BitBack - a cryptocurrency cashback with every purchase in a cafe, and it allows retail chains to motivate its customers to comeback for another purchase again.

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Briefly about our system.


How the economy works


When a coffee shop connects to the BitCoffeen network, the shop buys 1000 BFF tokens on a crypto exchange, where a minimum price of 1 BFF token equals to 1 USD. The coffee shop can use those tokens to generate 10000 QR codes for its customers. The shop rewards customers with 0.1 BFF for each cup of coffee purchased.


To generate 10000 QR codes worth 1000 USD, the coffee shop pays a commission of 0.1 USD per generated code when a cup of coffee is sold.


How the commission is distributed within the system


For example, a user purchased 5 cups of coffee and currently has 0.5 BFF token in his or her wallet. The user can swap BFF for real money at a crypto exchange with current exchange rates or buy products within the BitCoffeen platform to utilise those tokens.


The value of the token will rise because cafes and other shops will be constantly purchasing tokens from the crypto exchange and new businesses will be joining the network, this will create demand for tokens whilst not all the token holders will be selling it but using it within our platform.


Conditions of Staking

Why do we want to start staking?

Bitcoffeen project
is developing by using its funds.

For a dynamic development of the project and with its current budget, it will take us two years to complete the road map. By attracting investor funds, we will be able to complete the road map within a year.

To achieve this target, we are adding two years staking with
up to 50% per annum with daily payments in USD.
40% commission from the system's turnover will be used to pay off staking.

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Road map


January - March

Поинт дорожной карты

Livecoin listing application

Start of trading BFF token on Livecoin

Adding a project to listings of rating agencies

Adding Popular Payment Providers

Improving the mobile application for iOS and Android

Negotiations with partners of the existing coffee industry (Network coffee houses, Roasting factories, Coffee suppliers, Coffee equipment suppliers)

Expansion of BITCOFFEEN loyalty system in the region

April - June

Поинт дорожной карты

Development of a marketing strategy for the CIS countries

Integration of the Bitback system in coffee houses in the CIS countries

Expansion and proposal for use in the CIS

Development of a new design of a mobile application

Filing an application for listing a BFF token to one of the major exchanges (EXMO, Yobit, Bitforex)

Start trading BFF token on a large exchange

July - September

Поинт дорожной карты

BITCOFFEEN Mobile App Redesign

Launching an updated mobile app for iOS and Android

Launch of BITCOFFEEN own coffee product line

Implementation of the Market module with the ability to make purchases and pay with BFF token

Development of a marketing strategy for promoting BITCOFFEEN in Asia

Listing of the BFF token on the Asian Crypto Exchange

Integration of the loyalty system Bitback system in the trading networks of Asian countries

October - December

Поинт дорожной карты

Development of a marketing strategy for promoting BITCOFFEEN in Europe

BFF token listing on the European cryptocurrency exchange

Integration of the Bitback system loyalty system in European retail chains

Summing up the work in 2020 and working out the development plan of the BITCOFFEEN project for 2021

Improving the mobile application for iOS and Android

Negotiations with partners of the existing coffee industry (Network coffee houses, Roasting factories, Coffee suppliers, Coffee equipment suppliers)

Expansion of BITCOFFEEN loyalty system in the region

Our current achievements.

Four cafes and one barbershop
50000 tokens were allocated
for the operation of the above retail points.

Tokens purchased by coffee houses

25 000 BFF

Formed codes

24 753 QR codes

Token generation per day

275 QR

Points that are already connected to the system:


st. Nizhny Maslovka, 5, bldg. 5, Moscow, Russia
- moves the shopping center Biryulevsky st. Biryulevskaya, 43, Moscow, Russia

Coffee «Laboratoria Coffe»

st. Leninskaya Sloboda, 26, Moscow, Russia

Coffee «18 Gramm»

Grazhdansky Prospekt 111k2, St. Petersburg, Russia


Brovarsky Avenue 27 metro Darnitsa, Kiev, Ukraine

Barbershops «BARN»

Spassky Lane, 6-8, St. Petersburg, Russia


st. 22nd Party Congress, 8, Mineralnye Vody, Russia

We have
our own point.

which is located at Moscow
st. Nizhny Maslovka, 5, bldg. 5 - moving to the shopping center Biryulevsky st. Biryulevskaya, 43..
which generated
8350 QR codes ...

The plan is to open from 10 to 15 coffee houses in major cities of Russia within 3 months.

Оur team

Martin Riz


He is an expert in the field of data analysis, improving the efficiency of business processes and asset management companies. He has a high level of knowledge in financial analysis. Carries out skillful selection of IT staff as a team, along with the successful development of commercial web projects from the planning stage ...

Safonov Veniamin


An expert that combines a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology in general and cryptocurrency exchanges in particular. He has a thorough knowledge of computer technology and web development. He has many years of experience in cryptocurrency mining and trading on large world crypto-assets. Able to manage all aspects ...

Sergey Safonov


Specialists in the field of business technology required to manage a multi-level organization. The co-owner of the SOHO invest data center, the organizer of direct deliveries of mining equipment from China, has many years of experience in the field of mining. Management experience as well as financial acumen are crucial ...

What can you become



Choose your tariff, with minimal risk, since you invest your money in a real business that is publicly visible to everyone, we always display our entire coffee shop network on interactive maps and you can easily determine the scale of our business.

Up to ten tariff plans
Владелец кафе

Coffee Point Owner

Do you have your own cafe or restaurant? then we will be happy to help you in the more progressive development of your business, by providing all the necessary tools for generating QR codes, as well as training your staff and familiarizing ourselves with our cryptocurrency cashback system Bitback System

We will provide everything you need.

Buy Franchise

When buying a franchise, you can always be sure of our professionalism in fulfilling all the necessary tasks and supporting the launch of your business under our brand. We always provide all the essentials to our partners and in the shortest possible time. Your point will be launched without delay.

Full comfort at the start

Why will the token grow in value and how to make an investor?

You can earn thanks to the Stekigu in USD

Why did we introduce it?More details here.

More details here.

Due to our economy described above.

There will always be a demand for tokens, because according to our business model, coffee houses will always buy more tokens than sell, since not everyone sells their tokens, many spend them inside the system, besides, you can order coffee and coffee machines or services with BFF tokens.

We are already working and our business model had been tested.

Tokenomics of the project:

North America
190 млн BFF


South America
130 млн BFF


200 млн BFF


200 млн BFF


Oceania (Australasia)
100 млн BFF


130 млн BFF


Reserve (company tokens) 50 million BFF


Contract Address BFFF

For the system to work around the world
1,000,000,000 BFF tokens
have been created

and distributed to future coffee houses in the regions.
975,000 BFF tokens are
allocated on for generations for new connected coffee houses.

25,000 BFF tokens
on the platform.
Under one connected coffee sales point
10,000 tokens are formed.

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