Bitcoffeen - A modern marketing system based on blockchain technologies.


1. BITCOFFEEN® Trademark
2. How the BITCOFFEEN® Ecosystem Works
3. BITCOFFEEN® Investment Platform
5. BITCOFFEEN® franchise and its principles of cooperation
6. Territorial network operator BITCOFFEEN® (Business partner)
7. BITCOFFEEN® Presence in TOP10 Global Stock Markets
8. BITCOFFEEN® Mobile Application

BITCOFFEEN® Ecosystem is able to increase consumer demand for coffee by offering something new that goes beyond the existing competition in the coffee industry around the world.


- BITCOFFEEN® is a structure without intermediaries, which is available to anyone who wants to join.
- Integrating modern blockchain technologies, we share the profit from the BITCOFFEEN® trading network with all of you!
- There is no linking business to the cryptocurrency rate!
- We have chosen blockchain technology as a safe and transparent tool for the implementation of the project!
- BITCOFFEEN® brought together the most advanced technologies, presenting you an investment platform that allows everyone to combine daily coffee with the possibility of obtaining a stable profit.

Our company has set itself the goal of creating a global network of coffee houses and retail outlets operating in the single automated ecosystem of BITCOFFEEN®. For this reason, anyone can start their own business for free or adapt their existing retail outlets and cafes to work on the BITCOFFEEN® network! BITCOFFEEN® does not charge any fee for the right to work on the network and is always open for productive and constructive cooperation!

2. How ecosystem works BITCOFFEEN®.

We are already accustomed to the loyalty programs of large retailers in different areas of our lives. Airline miles, reward points and loyalty discounts are a standard part of our experience.

Old system
  • Customer
  • Vending direction
  • Direction HoReCa
  • Direction to Mobile Cafe
  • Retail

You probably already have cards with accrued points from shops, restaurants and transport companies. Have you noticed that after a while you just forget about those points or discounts, and in the end it just expires? Advertising tricks and bonus points for which there is nothing to spend and nothing to get from.

Now this blockchain technology will allow everyone to get their share of the profits from the entire existing Coffee industry combined with the great taste of BITCOFFEEN® coffee.

It is very simple. You will find a unique QR code on every BITCOFFEEN® coffee cup! Scanning it using a mobile application, you will receive a BITCOFFEEN® Coin (BFF) on your mobile wallet. Nice bonus! And this is just the beginning! Then you have a unique opportunity to effectively manage your BFF, for example, to get real profit from BFF investments! The work of the BITCOFFEEN® ecosystem is based on the online BFF coin circulation, which allows you to:

1) Significantly increase the motivation of customers to buy coffee on the BITCOFFEEN® network!
2) Sellers or franchisees, in order to receive an automated and effective tool, in the form of the ability to independently generate the number of BFF QR codes, they need at their face value!
3) All of its members and holders of BFF coins receive a stable and high percentage of royalties by circulating their coins within the global trading network BITCOFFEEN®.

Network ecosystem
  • BITCOFFEEN® network client
  • BITCOFFEEN® franchise
  • BITCOFFEEN® mobile app
  • Направление in Mobile Cafe
  • BITCOFFEEN® investment platform

BITCOFFEEN® believes that blockchain loyalty allows a person to:

a) Get a transparently distributed BFF with a fixed minimum value of $ 1.
b) Make a profitable investment BFF in the growing global trading network BITCOFFEEN®.
c) Have a cup of delicious coffee.
d) Become part of the BITCOFFEEN® team and get the highest return on your investment.
e) Become a territorial operator (business partner) of the copyright holder of the BITCOFFEEN® trademark in the selected region and receive a constant percentage of the profit generated by all points in the network.

Network ecosystem
  • Franchise (Vending, Portable Cafe, To Go, HoReCa)
  • Customer
  • Holder
  • Territorial operator (Business partner)

When a cafe sells a cup of coffee, the franchisee receives a fixed fee of 10 ¢ at the time of creating the QR code of the BFF coin for use on the BITCOFFEEN® network. This royalty is then distributed through the blockchain to ecosystem participants such as territorial operators and owners of coins BFF.

Example: One coffee outlet sells an average of 200 cups of coffee per day. Thus, at the point of sale, the seller will create 200 QR codes for BFF coins and pay $ 20 of a fixed fee. The BITCOFFEEN® Ecosystem will further distribute this royalty in the following lower proportions:
* 20% (4 US dollars) on commission payments to the Territorial operator (business partner).
* Owner of BitCoffeen cryptocurrency. Anyone holding a BFF coin receives a payment of $ 0.10 per day (based on 36.5% per year = 0.1% per day) royalty per turnover of 100 coins in the BITCOFFEEN® network.
* All remaining funds will be used to popularize and develop the BITCOFFEEN® network worldwide!

Forget legacy systems, we will help you keep up to date!

Several countries have already announced the acquisition of the BITCOFFEEN® franchise and the opening of our cafe network in their regions. BITCOFFEEN® creates the best forms of cooperation and collective business for you.

- the amount of discounted investments.

Kt — t-stage investment;
t — calculation stage number;
T — calculation horizon;
E — this is the discount rate.
BITCOFFEEN® Network ecosystem

The main efforts of our specialists were aimed at solving the problems of financial and economic analysis and to assess the effectiveness of work investment project. The decision required the selection of suitable models, methods and support tools, taking into account the diversity of research in this area. At the same time, the investment program was viewed as a whole as a complex large-scale business project.

The introduction of blockchain technologies in our investment area has allowed us to significantly improve our financial and economic indicators, as well as significantly increase the effectiveness and attractiveness of the project. Thanks to our model, we were able to achieve consistency of planning results, high consistency in the interaction of ecosystem elements and improving the quality of decision management.

3. Investment platform BITCOFFEEN®

BITCOFFEEN® divided the existing coffee industry into the main fundamental directions, thereby providing each investor with the opportunity to choose the most suitable investment path.

1. Vending path / package price 100 BFF (0.09% ROI per day) /

• The price sector, which allows you to profit from investments in the BITCOFFEEN® vending network. Priority in areas of high permeability to potential consumers.

2. Portable café path / package price 300 BFF (ROI 0.10% per day) /

• The price sector, which allows you to receive part of the profit from investments in mobile and mobile coffee houses of the BITCOFFEEN® network.

3. To Go path / package price 500 BFF (ROI 0.11% per day) /

• The price sector, which allows you to get part of the profit from investments in a small cafe network BITCOFFEEN®. The priority is highly profitable Locations and are focused on the category of customers who buy coffee «on the go.»

4. HoReCa Path / package price 1000 BFF (ROI 0.13% per day) /

• The pricing sector, which allows you to receive part of the profit from investments in the segment of cafes and restaurants of the BITCOFFEEN® network.

5. Retail path / package price is 3000 BFF (0.15% ROI per day) /

• The price sector, which allows you to receive part of the profit from investments in the sales of BITCOFFEEN® coffee through retail chains.
BITCOFFEEN® Dynamics of Royalty% Distribution

The investment platform allows anyone who wants to become a holder of the BITCOFFEEN® cryptocurrency to receive a high and stable share of royalties. from investing your coins in the real business turnover.

4. Coin BFF.

The BITCOFFEEN® ecosystem is based on an open source blockchain network and uses a limited number of coins in its work algorithm.

BITCOFFEEN® economists have studied the existing market and determined the optimal number of BFF coins, which will ensure synchronous, uninterrupted and highly efficient operation of the entire ecosystem. In total, the BITCOFFEEN® system provides 1 billion coins for online circulation. All coins are distributed proportionally and will be gradually put into circulation, as BITCOFFEEN® outlets open in the following regions:

North America

usa; canada;

190 million BFF
South America

brazil; argentina; colombia; chile

130 million BFF

austria; united kingdom; germany; greece; denmark; irladium; iceland; spain; italy; cyprus; poland; netherlands; norway; sowing macedonia romania; slovakia; slovenia; finland; france; croatia; montenegro czech; switzerland; sweden

200 million BFF

uae; oman; saudi arabia; turkey; bangladesh india; maldives; sri lanka; china; south korea; japan; russia; vietnam; indonesia; malaysia; singapore; thailand; philippines; taiwan

200 million BFF

australia; new zealand; new caledonia; papua new guinea; solomon islands; fiji; hawaii

100 million BFF

algeria; angola botswana; gabon; egypt; kenya; namibia; morocco; tunisia; south africa

130 million BFF
Reserve 50 million BFF

Before the coins are put into circulation, all unallocated coins will be in the same electronic wallet. The public key for viewing the wallet will always be in the public domain and has already been published on the

5. BITCOFFEEN® franchise.

The opening of a coffee shop is one of the most popular, actively developing and promising types of business.
In order to open and build a profitable business, large investments are often required. Today it is difficult to find your niche and understand how to attract a client. to your coffee shop. Creating a successful coffee house is difficult for a person who does not have experience and skills in this area. An aspiring entrepreneur will inevitably have to deal with the presence of a large number of competitors, the shadow market and many other difficulties that arise when opening any business.

BITCOFFEEN® is designed to simplify the process of creating a business and allows you to start a business along with a dynamic, expanding international network of cafes and maximize profits from your outlet in the shortest possible time. In addition, we will help you organize the clear and transparent work of your cafe, which will allow you to achieve a high level of profit in the shortest possible time at which competitors will not be able to influence the successful operation of your business.

The BITCOFFEEN® Automated Mobile App will greatly simplify your work and ease the flow of customers to your coffee shop. Self-printing and generation of QR codes in the network allows the franchisee to produce codes as needed, which minimizes the financial costs of working in the BITCOFFEEN® network. QR codes with BFF coins are intended only for use in BITCOFFEEN® network products and cannot be implemented separately from it!

The BITCOFFEEN® franchise will help you open a cafe and become part of a large and friendly family!

To learn about the franchise business and the BITCOFFEEN® network, send an email to:

6. Territorial operator (Business partner) of the BITCOFFEEN® network.

BITCOFFEEN® uses a cluster approach as a tool for effective management, transferring some powers to territorial operators, which are our official partners in the regions.

The activities of the territorial operator (Business partner) are aimed at popularizing, promoting and expanding the coffee chain BITCOFFEEN® brand in the region.

Membership in the affiliate network requires a one-time payment from the Territorial operator (Business Partner). The amount of the contribution and the Share of profit from sales is discussed individually and depends on the region.

BITCOFFEEN® allows you to pay affiliate fees up to 49% of regional profits.

7. The presence of BITCOFFEEN® in the TOP10 world cryptocurrency markets

For coffee lovers in cryptocurrency, we plan to withdraw BITCOFFEEN® currency to the 10 largest currency exchanges in accordance with

8. BITCOFFEEN® Mobile Application

The BITCOFFEEN® app is an app for coffee lovers and business people who keep up with the times.

Mobile application allows you to:

a) Receive transparent bonuses through the royalty program.
b) Stay up to date with the latest company news.
c) Discuss effective ways to invest in BITCOFFEEN® with friends.
d) Find the nearest BITCOFFEEN® cafe.
e) Leave your comment and evaluate the product of the BITCOFFEEN® business.

9. Jobs at BITCOFFEEN®

The growing chain of BITCOFFEEN® cafes shows a high interest in active, motivated and responsible employees. All vacancies will appear on our website:

Territorial operator

Barista / Barista Driver / Cafe Administrator